Confidently read a label in 30 seconds flat so you never need to rely on google again!

Master the Gluten Free Diet So You Can Live Gluten Free With More Ease

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Does it Feel Like Celiac Has Taken Over Your Life?

Do you want a solution that makes celiac feel less overwhelming and less stressful so you can get back to living and loving your life?


It may feel that you’re thinking about celiac from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed.  From wondering about cross contact, to frustrating eating out experiences, to wondering if it’s celiac or something else causing random symptoms, celiac always seems to creep into your thoughts!

Well, no more.  You’re in the right place now.  And, it’s time for this to change! 


Let’s Work Together

Live Gluten Free with More Ease

Hybrid Group Program

    Master the Gluten Free Diet

      This online program combines 1:1 support and group coaching support. Sky rocket your knowledge beyond what most healthcare providers know and kick anxiety and stress to the curb.  This hybrid program is the ultimate, A-Z, course that will help you live gluten free with more ease.

      Eat Out with Confidence

      Group Coaching

      Become a celiac saavy restaurant diner

      If you find yourself avoiding eating out because of anxiety around cross contact, not knowing the right questions to ask, or not trusting that the staff are taking you seriously, then this online, group coaching course is for you.


      1:1 Coaching

      Receive an individualized action plan

      This online service is best suited to help people find relief of persistent symptoms such bloat, constipation, reflux, or fatigue.  It is also helpful for newly diagnosed and people who prefer to work, solely, in a 1:1 capacity.

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      Keep up to date on everything celiac + gluten free.  Get product recommendations, Q&A from the celiac community, recipes and more. 

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      hi there!

      I’m Selena

      And, I also have celiac disease

      I was diagnosed, literally, right after I graduated as a dietitian.  My doctor mentioned, “so, you have celiac disease, but you’re a dietitian right? So, this will be easy for you!”  And, then my doctor showed me the door.

      No referral. No handout.  Nothing.  Relate?

      It’s an all too common scenario and it’s my experience in the traditional medical system that led me to private practice so I could specialize in celiac disease.

      3 Steps to Gluten Free Success

      How to Get Started


      Step 1:

      Apply to Work with Selena 

      Fill in the application form to work with Selena so you can learn more about the services she offers. Once your application is approved, you’ll get a confirmation email about the upcoming appointment.  

      Step 2:

      Celiac Clarity Call

      This is a 20 minute call that will allow Selena to gain a deeper understanding of your current struggles and challenges with the gluten free diet. Learn more about Selena and how her coaching and services can help you.

      Step 3:

      Start Your Life Changing Journey

      If you are a good fit for Selena’s services, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in your recommended best fit service.  You’ll sign the onbarding documents, gain access to the online learning portal + support system, and start your life changing journey.

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      Gluten Free Halloween Candy List For Canada (2018)

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