15 Gluten Free Gift Ideas

Published on: 11/18/2016

Are you stuck on gift ideas for your loved one with celiac disease? Don’t worry, I have you covered with lots of suggestions that they will love!

Here are my top gift ideas:

1. Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Gluten free pizza crusts are pretty tricky to make as the crust can get soggy or rock hard (unfortunately, it can go both ways).  This cast iron skillet helps the crust to get nice and golden brown with a touch of crispiness.

These pans are also awesome for making crispy oven baked french fries!

2.  GF Cookbooks

A few of my favorites include:

  1.  Against the Grain by Nancy Cain
  2. The Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal
  3. The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen
  4. Support the CDN celiac association by buying one of their cookbooks!

3.  Subscription to a GF magazine

  1.  Gluten-Free and More
  2. Gluten Free Living 
  3. Simply Gluten Free

4.  Good Cooking Pans

I am a huge fan of having good cookware.  Good cookware is the key to building great flavor when cooking gluten free.

  1.  Greenlife pans – healthier, green solution to teflon, nonstick pans.
  2.  Cast iron pans
  3. Le Creuset pots and bakeware

5.  Membership to Wellness

Almost all people, celiac or not, can benefit from incorporating more self-care!

Yoga, dance, pilates, swimming, spin, barre, or any other exercise passes are some examples.

6.  Digital Scale for Gluten Free Baking 

Anyone who likes to bake gluten free or is having problems getting their gluten free baked goods to turn out, needs to start baking with a scale.  A scale takes gluten free baked goods to the next level!

7.  Good Quality Dark Chocolate (that is also gluten free).

Endangered species dark chocolate 

Choices Market and Nature’s Fare in Kelowna carry this brand.

8.  Travelling Supplies 

Anyone with celiac disease is going to be packing around food with them quite often!  Here are some frequently used items:

  1.  Toaster bags
  2. Individual steamer container for hotel rooms
  3. Collapsible cutting board 
  4. Lunch bags
  5. Reuseable snack and sandwich sacks or online here 

9.  Children’s Books 

Little ones with celiac disease would enjoy these books.

  1.  Eating Gluten Free With Emily 
  2. Mommy, What is Celiac Disease
  3. No More Cupcakes and Tummy Aches
  4. Grateful for Gluten Free
  5. Gluten Free Friends: An Activity Book for Kids 

10.  Gift Basket

Make a gift basket with any of the assortments listed.  Maybe add in a few bottles of good wine for adult celiacs!

11.  Essential Oils and Relaxation 

I like Sage Wellness in BC.  Some of my favorites include:

  1.  Sleep well tea
  2. Lavender bath salt soak
  3. Diffuser with an array of any of their diffuser blends

12.  Gluten Free Baking Items 

Nuts/seeds, candies and dried fruits can be difficult to find and are expensive.  Seeds should be purchased with a ‘gluten free’ claim and all of them need to purchased in a package and not from a bulk food bin further increasing the price.  So, these can be great to gift!

  1.  Nuts.com is an American site but carry certified gluten free which can make your celiac loved one feel super assured that they are, indeed, safe.  
  2. Or Prana Bio in Canada

13.  Gluten Free Getaways 

For the ultimate, extravagant gift, Bob and Ruth have been organizing gluten free getaways since 1998!

14. Reusable Shopping Bags

I always get a funny look from the cashier when I come in with only one bag for packing my pelthora of groceries.  They always think it won’t fit, but, oh, it does!  These mesh bags are great for expanding and can carry up to 40lbs.  

15.  The Gift of Wine

Adults only!  Ok, this one is my fave.  This is a great gift for wine connoisseurs in the family.  Gift them a membership and they will receive two bottles a month of BC wines not normally found at your liquor store, specialized tasting notes, classic food pairings from an expert chef and a newsletter giving you an inside look at the featured winery – All delivered directly to your door!

Um, can you say ahh-mazing!  Hint, hint to any family reading this, ha!


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