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I’m Selena

And, I’m celiac too.  As the go-to expert on everything gluten free, I help people master the gluten-free diet so they can live gluten free with more ease.  I take the ‘complicated’ out of the gluten free diet, and give you the practical and realistic advice you need so you can still live your life!

My Story

I was diagnosed with celiac disease right before I graduated as a dietitian and, my doctor mentioned, “well you’re celiac.  But, you’re almost a dietitian right? So, this should be easy for you!”

No referral.  No handout. Nothing. 

I ended up doing what you should never do which is turning to Dr. Google, FB groups, and more to get help.  The amount of misinformation found on the internet in astounding.

The first few years of diagnosis were a turbulent time for me as the information I found made me feel overwhelmed, filled with anxiety and I, honestly, felt like my foodie life was over.

I’m sure you can relate to this?

Beyond the GF diet, I continued to experience persistent symptoms and the only answers given to me were “to eat more fiber” or “be more strict with the diet” which were, absolutely, not helpful.

I couldn’t go on being scared of food and letting celiac dictate my life.   So, I gained a deeper understanding of celiac disease through additional, professional experiences and specialized courses.  And, once I did, I was able to put my worries at ease and safely expand my social life.  I figured out why I still felt unwell which had nothing to do with not being strict enough and I found my gluten free, happy place.

I am passionate about helping you do the same. If you fear food, feel overwhelmed, or you’re desperate for symptom relief, I am here to guide you through the signature process I have created so you can live the vibrant, GF life that you deserve.

My Philosophy

I’m a celiac disease specialist dietitian who believes in taking a holistic approach to celiac disease management which prioritizes your physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.  This is because celiac disease impacts your whole life, not just your physical health. 

I know that a vibrant and fulfilling gluten free life is possible for you.  And, I am on a mission to take the ‘complicated’ out of the gluten free diet so you can fall back in love with food and your body.

What to expect: 

  • Gluten free guidance that is based on the most up to date science and research
  • Practical, real life skills for a smooth GF transition
  • Expert knowledge that helps you confidently navigate social situations 
  • Simple, easy to digest nutrition education that supports gut healing and symptoms 
  • Mind and body support to help overcome emotional challenges on the GF journey

Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I have a gluten free bakery addiction.  I search for them high and low whenever we travel and have an international list on the go.

I love to dance and have actually tap danced for over twenty years.

I dislike cooking, but will spend hours baking in the kitchen to perfect a cinnamon bun, cake, cookie, muffin, or cupcake!  

If you ask anyone, I am the ultimate coffee snob.  I know good coffee and starbucks coffee doesn’t cut it.

I live in wine country (Kelowna, BC!) and l love a good cabernet sauvignon.

Professional Expertise

Selena is a celiac disease specialist dietitian.

Education + Credentials:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • BSc Dietetics from the University of British Columbia


  • Monash University certification for the management of irritable bowel syndrome


  • Four years volunteer experience with the national board of directors for Celiac Canada

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